How does it feel when

The person you love doesn’t feel you

Like literally doesn’t want to feel you

Not in it’s entirety

It’s entirely

Unreal when

She says it kills and

You spend nights alone

Notepad lights up your phone when

You’ve just been feeling this thing for way too long

Stick around enough for things to go way too wrong

Incident replaying like the same old song

The untouchables


A PIECE of the pie



After you get underneath her

You yearn for something more

Your heart aches for integrity when you leave her pussy sore

Something my senses can’t comprehend


Your touch

Has left me disheveled for days now

I search frantically for something

To ease this want

This insatiable want

That keeps lighting back up inside me

Like those annoying ass birthday candles

I want it, but I fight it

There’s a time and a place for that

Even though your love knows no boundaries

I’m so used to being the one out of control

Edging someone on to do something racy

Your wildness has forced me into this sexually reserved position

That at time breaks through the box

Reserved at the right time

I think I like being engulfed

By your waves

Not knowing when they come

Or what’s going on

Or what’s coming next

Losing sense



I can see the 5-year-old version of you

I can see grandpa touching you in places his hands should’ve never wondered

All you wanted was his attention

He gave it to you all right

He changed your whole life

I try to trace back our lineage and find out where everything went all wrong

Was it visions of your mom, trying to commit suicide in the bathroom?

She just couldn’t accept the fact that her husband cheated when it was in her face all along

He knew exactly how to get you

He would neglect you and pay attention to others

Make them feel special

Knowing that you would wonder-

Why he always looked past you

Then you would strive to be under his spot light

To be loved

That’s when he knew he had you-

In his trap

Ask me how I know mom…

Ask me.

He was the next thing closest to “Dad”

-Aside from your infrequent boyfriends

You always knew the wrong thing to do when I confided in you

Blackmail him for money? Really?

You asked me if I wanted it…

I understand, you didn’t want it to be true

You didn’t want me to relive your past

Or make you relive your own

That’s why I forgive you