So you say that you’re offended…


So because we acknowledge a societal issue

We are being offensive?

Since when was white privilege a prejudice?

Since when did you have to suffer or falter because of your “condition?”

You treat your privilege like a caste system

“It was something I was born into”

Born into it or not  -there’s no excuse

Just because it makes you a little uncomfortable sitting with the truth?

Since when can you appropriate our culture?

Tell me when things can be funny and when the joke is over?

“Good intentions” is no excuse

For being careless with what you say and mindless with what you do

Victimizing yourself, but you say “we” are victims

Calling it reverse-racism because you cannot accept criticism

Ignorance is not bliss, as much as a blowjob isn’t a kiss

So think twice about what you say to someone before you even think to part your lips