High Definition


It’s all too fast

It’s like racing through time

I’m losing all of my inhibitions

But outside I appear fine

I can’t define

More than like but less than love

Just when I thought I was fine where I was

Then came you

I’m struggling so hard to not end up the fool

But then there’s you

Ironically you haven’t the slightest clue

About what it is to me that you do

I wish I could open up my mind

Let you look inside

Maybe you would find

That every try is worth your time

I’ve placed you at the forefront

And organize the rest around that

I feel like it’s not hard to see “where my priorities are at”


Organized Complications

*Accidentally deleted this as soon as I wrote it

and recited it from memory..


This destructive path I pave

Has you stumbling across my maze

How brave

Forward you continue to crave

In hopes that I will cave

And I’m caving

And at my every action you’re scathing

Blaming, Assuming

We resume to stop, until one day we can stop resuming

A flower is blooming

From my concrete heart

What a beautiful end to such an abrupt start