Black women


Black women

Well rounded, aside from our bodies being well-rounded

As strong and stable as the earth

Yet adaptable to change we break form

Like our hair,

We are able to manipulate ourselves

Into whatever we need to be for the day

The silent warrior

Doing all the work in the background

Not worrying about what she looks like in the forefront

I need you

I need you to be able to look however the fuck you want

Declare that you are here, as you are, whether anyone likes it or not

Your presence is too present to be silenced

Look every side-eying person

In their eyes

And let them know you see them

You see them intolerant of anything outside of their monotone, clone features

Monochrome skin, seeing anything outside of them as weaker

No need to be a teacher

To anyone and everyone that doesn’t have the capacity to hear

Our strength brings them fear

Marginalizing us in society because they can’t stand to bring us near.