All Dried Up

You drained the well, it’s dry, that’s why there’s no tears to cry



I just wanna get lost in nature

–lost in anything really…

Just so long as I don’t get lost in my head


You change girls like you change clothes, but

No matter how many different women you try on that’s not what’s going to make you feel good

Life vs. Death

They say

Life has an expiration date, has a limit, that it doesn’t go on forever

But I find it hard to believe that when

Living a minute longer feels like an eternity


If I had a dollar for every time I had a wish go unfulfilled I could probably buy your cheap ass love


You were my drug, love always was, and without it?

Well, I guess there’s Lamictal.


I gotta think about what type of girls my dogs been licking on, let alone you

While you licking on me too

It was too good to be true