The irony

I vented my dilemma on Reddit. My bleeding heart, which I’m too busy to detail yet. Anonymous users wrote to me:

“You can’t light yourself on fire to keep others warm”

“You can’t get someone else out of a hole by digging yourself in there with them”

That shit hit me.

What good does it do if I unlearn all my learnings to help others learn the way? That’s if they even want to.

It’s my codependency. In work. In my personal life. In between. Codependency.

Your codependency is seeping back in Amber. Be careful.

Decision Trees

Sitting here. Same dilemmas different year. Still fighting views of being evil and immature instead of the genuine caring person that I am. Funny how characteristics get distorted depending on who’s looking through the looking glass. Maybe it’s the onlooker who has morphed reality into something more than what meets the eye as opposed to the view.

Sometimes what’s the easiest thing to do is not the best. And sometimes the best thing to do isn’t the easiest. Life has a way of teaching us hard lessons. Life doesn’t “tit for tat,” it is genuine in its lessons –and I’ve learned long ago that it gets us nowhere fast. Sometimes the best thing for us to do isn’t the easiest. That’s what makes it the best. Until the lessons learned. It’s the best because once the hard work is done, the lesson is learned, respect is earned and the pain won’t let us repeat it. Life loves us enough to let us try again when we get defeated.

Sitting here. Same dilemmas different year. Still the board shit threatening me. And I have no idea what I’ve done now. I’ve literally done everything to a T. My best is not enough. Ever since I’ve gotten a new probation officer she’s been ripping me a new one, building some case for extending my probation into a never-ending hole that just so happens to pay her bills. Someone told me they got violated for DayQuil, Day-Quil. Non-alcoholic DayQuil. Someone else told me they got suspended for a year for melatonin. Sigh. Last person told me that they got written up for not having their transcripts in on time when the school hadn’t even issued them yet. I WONDER what I did (but didn’t really do) now.

Life is full of accusations: that I’m a horrible person that does things out of dysfunction and not love, that I’m some type of out-of-control addict that cant manage her life and is irresponsible. No matter how hard I try I’m not good enough. And still. I know my intentions are not evil. That I commit to staying right even when I’m told I’m wrong.

God help me.