Are desensitized to my cries

Like a sociopath


Are detached

From the feeling behind the tears


Play, like a symphony,


Violin-shrill voice, the cacophony

 Of my fears



To how I react

Not once do



The reason for me being blue

If I…

Am the victim

Then you…

Are the symptom

That helped lead the situation eschew


You say I am playing the victim

When the actors of this situation

Have left me brittle and bruised

So my apologies

If I have been literally, emotionally beaten down

Lord forbid I have the nerve to show it too


I do not cry for the fun of it

I cry because I am fragile

And you are heavy handed

So I know when you are about to break me

With every tear

I am exiled

I’m beginning to think you truly hate me


It’s unbelievable

Even deceivable

Your mechanical mechanisms for barring out emotion

When we are at our worst, we tend to show our truest devotion

You leave via vehicle far too big for the road you choose to travel down

Your voice the vessel for words much too hard for me to wrestle without feeling like eventually I’ll drown


2 thoughts on “Alliteration

  1. Kim says:

    Your cries and heard loud and clear.
    I see the source…me.
    I just want you to be happy.

    • It’s easier for you to not show emotion, yet I can not adhere to your same values of containing composure. I am more fragile now and little insults hurt more this time around. You look down on my sensitivity, but being sensitive is apart of who I am. I want to have that side of my cradled and you hate it.

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