Sometimes the stress, and debt of life makes me think, “marriage is too much of a debt,” “a kid is too much of a debt,”


And I counter that thought with eugenics. If I were not poor and striving to rise above, would debt even be a concept -an excuse in my mind as a reason to slash kids and marriage?


But then again, marriage is a dowry, so it’s all about money, right?


I think my thoughts are brilliant


But I counter that, too, with maybe they’re just drunken ramblings not worth penning


And I counter that with, “I always think that” as an excuse not to write down my thoughts.


Those very thoughts that I look back on, vaguely, and think, “Damn, why didn’t I pen that?”


Which leads me full circle.


Is this preponderance worthy of penning or not?


I guess I’ll never know, until I do…


…and so, I do.