Ain’t it funny


I’ve been looking for writing inspiration all this while

Not knowing a gold mine was sitting under my nose


The moment I tell myself to trust you is the moment you begin to be a hoe

It’s not funny

Because I refuse to be someone’s barefoot housewife

While their partner goes around creeping at night

Not me hunny

You’ve picked the wrong chick

To fulfill your domesticated fantasies with

You can have them back

Because I’m not attracted unless the person in front of me can also have my back

Is that too much to ask

I know someone’s out there

That shares the same morality as me

Funny thing

You have this ideal of someone who’s stricter than me

Thicker than me

Breasts bigger than me

I’m not afraid to cast light on the shadows that you love to bathe yourself in

You said you were drawn to the dark

I didn’t know you meant in this way

You hide yet you blame me for feeling a way

More than one, I should say

Torn between anger and numbness

I don’t want to retaliate, I just wanna once again pick up my things and go my own way

So much for a $200 foray

Hey, what can I say

No matter how hard you wish, you can’t make the night be like day


One thought on “Ain’t it funny

  1. You know who says:

    You have it ALL wrong! All wrong!!! That’s what makes this hard to process. But I have to.

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