Waves of Betrayal, Day 3: Equal, yet, opposite forces


I miss you I love you I want you
More than anything in the world
Why can’t I have you
You sleep next to me
Never have I been more close yet so far away
So much so that I reached out to you while dreaming just as I was about to wake
I could feel you in reality
As I grabbed your grey shirt
But metaphorically I can’t touch you in the ways
That will make it feel like home if I will stay
Yes, that is the word and the question of the hour
The one you answered but I still can’t seem to understand
I plant my feet solid in our love, only to find I’m in quick sand
Why can’t you let me in
I was the girl in distress banging on your door
To save me from the rest
And you became like them more
I thought for sure an open love and an honest heart
Though imperfect, would be appreciated
My imperfections taken as an excuse, to do what you do
And now our loves depreciated
Thought my wildest dreams met with honestly
Would for sure be invincible against infidelity
Why is it I’m not deaf, but I could never hear
What so many people were telling me
And still…
I love you

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