Waves of betrayal: Day 1

I am in complete shock, completely blindsided about the shit you just pulled

Oh you pulled alright

You pulled the wool over my eyes

Just as soon as you pulled her

I have petty thoughts, like of all people you choose her?

She has nothing, nothing on me



You escape, to your escape

Like a drug

And your drug is being the egotistical player that you’ve always been

And somehow I’m numb

Has it not set in, or am I just so used to this

I should have a degree in how to put up with cheating in relationships

Spent nine years in this

And this?

This, when I’ve molded myself for you

When hard times persisted instead of cracking I pushed through?

And instead, here I am worried about how you feel

Giving you the typical

I love you so much I want you to be happy spiel

Except it’s true

I never knew that you

Would stoop down to the level of engaging with someone with so little respect for their self worth that they would knowingly talk to someone taken to feel like something

Making you, just as much nothing

As her

What did I do to deserve

Opened the floodgates for all of your defensive reasons

Shower me with excuses, like the storm that just came, and I believed them

I was just playing chest in the dark

Making moves, but I couldn’t see that one of my own would take me out all along

What did I do wrong?

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