Love, don’t love me


I love you so much that, literally, it hurts

I give you my love and effort

You take that and make things worse

You can’t be honest

You tell lies even when you know I’m on it

I know them

Then you explain with excuses

Tell these deceits like I’m owed them

Don’t you dare ever tell me you did what you did

“Because X,Y,Z”

Only communicating to me, why you think I should be okay with it

It’s not okay, not yesterday, not today and definitely not tomorrow

You drown me in my own sorrows

Give me time like it was borrowed

And you, Indian giver, you took it back

I am so done picking up relationship slack

Being the bigger person when things get bad

I’ve cried so much that I don’t know the difference from when I’m not sad

Thought I had you in the bag

Like you were the other half of my heart

Only to find that it’s just missing because you tore it apart

Life in love, my friends, is simply no walk in the park

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