Prefrontal thinking

Hot pressure branding my prefrontal cortex

Diminishing my ability to plan for what’s next


My trust

You reset it

My vulnerability

You neglected it

My reaching out not accepted


You lied

Like I wasn’t there

When you said you wanted to turn it around

Looking for an out

We were talking and then you hit me with an excuse

As to why you are distant

My efforts find no use

For you

You say it’s wasted time

I’ve crossed 1,000 lines

Just to be on your side

But how is it, that it diminishes mine


You’re single

Whether with me or not

You act like it

Choosing nights out over me

Hafsa over me

Then treat me like it shouldn’t matter to me

You say you don’t care

You act like you don’t care

So I have no choice but to believe you don’t care

One can only stare at the blank space for so long before having to believe you’re not there



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