Do not disturb

Stress was her workday
And also the pillow she lay her head on when she goes to sleep at night
Tonight, she just wanted to let it all go
Let it go as she ran five miles free of it
On her treadmill that is
Always working, even her escape had been work
But this time she was putting a do not disturb on all of the expectations
On her recent girlfriend, current exs expectations
On misjudgments at work
Especially on those in the lesbian community who stereotyped her long before the DUI incident
No one knows her for who she really is
And today, her work is done.
She strips off her stress like clothes after a long hard day
Dips into the jacuzzi and meringues with solace
She’s not answering the calls
She’s silenced the texts
She lets her head roll back and let’s the heat indulge her
The bubbles, massaging her sore muscles
Vibrating on her clit
She closes her eyes and rides the wrath of the water
It takes her to a place she’s never imagined
She is alone
She, has come.

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