Unspoken “truths”


My hearts pounds

And my breath catches, like a kite takes to the wind

In slow, yet full gusts

We, my friend, are nearing the end of our rope…

It’s something like have vision, but not wanting to see

And the pair of glasses is how you’ve begun to lie to me

About everything

But I’m supposed to trust you and feel like you’ll handle me with care

I’m supposed to say, “What can I do to help you feel better, dear?”

Is it me?

Is it the reason that lately, I’ve been trying to tear myself out of my own body?

I’m not normal

I cause you to overdose from my multitude of dysfunctions

Wondering why I get the same repeated script when wanting to have sex,

And then it’s played off as some malfunction

It’s always something

I’ve engulfed you in my love

Smothered, unable to breath, you are desperate to get out

I wish I could become ice queen, and not care enough to play into any doubt

I send you packing, to another state just to get away from me

Waking up at 2:45 a.m. with anxiety

I can’t take this

I trust, but with each lie you’re undoing the hard work that we’ve done


Why do you feel the need now, more than ever, to lie?

About simple things?

I cry

It’s a curse that no one ever lasts more than three years with me

Reflecting all of my fears and she

Moves on

No friends, I wonder why

I just want to dissipate into a black hole once it’s all done

Like closure is to bookends, you’re ending what once was begun