I find solace in the darkness

Blanketed in the night

I bury my head beneath nature’s covers

I hide

The white noise breaking through

Like a lighthouse in the fog

Yet it’s the cloud in my judgment of what exactly went wrong

I can’t get these voices out of my head

No matter if they’re negative or positive

I just need space

Wondering if my problems would’ve been a little easier to solve if I didn’t make it past that day

Scrolling through the list of hate

Rolling tears peering over the edges of my eyelids

I fight it

I fight back showing any sign of weakness when it is all that I consist of

Fragile glass, that’s been cracked from hardships of the past

But this is the weight that broke the vase

I was molding myself and now I’ve lost all shape

Why do people hate me?

They don’t know me

Comments chase me

Back into my virtual cave

Standing up strong and making the decision to walk into work today

And for one decade

I will be limited

A cap put on my potential

People fucking with my mental

What exactly did I get into?

I didn’t die, wasn’t meant to

Dying a slow death inside, my soul’s too gentle

Day 6

My brother…

Different dad, same mother

But still siblings nonetheless

I love him like no other

But he’s back

Back in a state of suicide

Depression on his mind

Who told him his life wasn’t worth living

That his existence was a lie

In the hospital he lies

Lying about his thoughts of suicide.

It’s time for family to jump on board

This is it: do or die.

Day 3

My mother said I make her proud

But I have more work to do

Big Ben sits there being content

Quickly ticking his time away

So I take the opportunity to seize the day

We don’t live for that long anyways

My girlfriend tells me, “Don’t be silly,”

That I’ve come a long way

She has no reason to judge me

But I have the curiosity of Curious George

My inquiries like that of a monkey

Day 2


We are our own rock bottom

All of our excuses to fail for sell and we bought all of them

But I’m not going to let things end

We both are crushed, but to your heart I will tend

Our forever will never have “The End”