Day 1: AMBER


A mere water drop is all it takes to breach the levees and cause a disaster.

Monstrous events, all accredited to a single granule of matter.

Before our eyes, this one unit that everyone ignored is taunting our minds,

Even though we still refuse to give credit to the tiny, but mighty.

Rescue us, for we still know not what we do.

30 day poetry challenge

I’ve fallen off the face of the literary earth, ceasing to pay attention to the one escape I use when I need it the most.

Life has gotten the best of me.

So, in a last ditch effort to get back to what I love, I will be completing a poetry challenge. ^_^

Lets see if anyone can figure out the poetry challenge of the day simply by reading my pieces, then at the end I will post the challenges so you can see if you guessed right.

Cheesy? I know.