Through the looking glass

looking glass

No eating

Just sleeping

Heart beating

I’m weeping

From the tattered paper of our old news

We’ve hit a bump

You’ve struck a fuse

Let me pour my heart out to you:

I love you

And not the love that normal people go through

I love you like I can’t breathe without you

You hold my heart so it won’t beat without you

You’re all I see so I can’t see without you

Can’t you see that I’m all about you?

I’m proud of you

Quick to tell all my closest people about you

Even though you wouldn’t know it

It’s like the work that’s done behind the curtains, left unacknowledged because no one knows of it

I love you, my baby; I wanted to have your babies

When I cook for you I envision my life with you

I don’t want to fight with you

Just get things right with you

I want to kiss your mind, because I admire your beliefs

Even though half the time I like to disagree

Just because I like things to be challenging

I think it’s because I want to see your thoughts unfold and I can only do that by opposing

This is not how we’re supposed to be, I bare my all but you see nothing showing

Telling me that a hoe does more for you than me

Damn that hurt me

I stick with you through anything

Where’d the message get messed up? I’m still searching


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