There is no I…

I woke up and my heart dropped

This can’t be reality

Each moment of separation

Sucking every bit of life out of me

I know I dropped the ball when I made that page

I know my reaction to your actions wasn’t right

But why would I go looking for someone else

When I HAVE my future wife in plain sight

I wasn’t

And just because you think a certain way it doesn’t mean I’ve done it

The most frustrating part is that you won’t even let me show you

The way you talked to me last night it’s like I don’t even know you

You’ve done it

You’ve broken my walls down, then peeled past that by mentioning every bit of insecurity that I held about my past

You know just what to say to hurt me

You found the black crevices in my heart struck me to the core and I’m still hurting

I feel like you’ve morphed

You’ve become progressively angrier over smaller things

Jump to conclusions like I’m leaving when I was just getting my work things

I was searching, for more of you –for all of you –something you never gave me

I was sitting there calling out to you and you didn’t feel like you had to say anything

You hate me

Pills to numb the pain

Skipping work because I can’t refrain

From holding my composure, I cry every time I wake

And when I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

From tumbling down to the depths of hell

Until He brings you back to me

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