Day 2


I’m sure I racked up a nice little phone bill talking to you tonight. You seemed a little distressed on the phone, which had me worried but I’m so glad you got that job right after I left.

There’s so much I wanted to tell you on the phone. I wanted you in on each and every little frustration and minor situations.

I wanted you to be here

Today, I missed your soft yet strong voice for some reason. I took in your lips that curve at the corner like the grinch and said I’m lucky to have you, such a selfless, artistic and smart soul. I recalled your dimples, swimming in and out of your cheecks as you passively command something.

I want you to try the tofu, I can still hear us laughing as we try to learn Mandarin together.

I looked at all of our pictures today and really contemplated our love.

This was supposed to be shorter, it’s late and I’m tired but I know you’ve probably written way more than me because I’ve been traveling two days straight.

do need to go to bed.

Love you,


(Song in my head about you: India Arie; Like a flower/The truth)

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