Eyes like mine


This cold rushing up my back

colder than my past

as I sit here at last

face-to-face with your lover

never no other

I sit and look as she smiles dead at me

not to much of my relief

she know’s something I don’t

share my thoughts with you I won’t

because I’m too much afraid

being too much afraid to hear with whom you’ve laid

people both you and I’ve betrayed

we’re one of a kind

you need no remind

you know of who you ARE

you’ve left that person behind

but you haven’t traveled far

the you that’s dead and gone has still managed to leave this scar

maybe we should just leave “us” where we are


Two minutes after the time on the meter’s run out

We’ve run out

of chances

Like we spent our last dime on having fun out

Well, is it fun now?

The heart on my sleeve’s been worn out


Like Cinderella waiting at the top of the hour, for her fantasy to return to reality

It was too good to be true

Relying on some magical force to pull me back to you

Instead,  I turn my back to you

And walk away from what eyes see


Like the date on the milk when it’s overdue

We’ve run this relationship up and down, until it’s overused

Where the chance of it getting better is our only excuse

Only problem is, I can’t get over you




Meaning every ounce of our value, is left in the past

And all that’s left is rot

Drugged up on steroids, too many forget-me-nots

Gone sour

Our relationship, like steroids, is big on the outside, but the side-effects cause a shrinking underneath

Letting go of you is like a muslim, parting ways with his beliefs.

Not gonna happen.

At least not because of me.

I’d rather be pulled apart, until I’m pried off

See love has this tendency of ripping your pride off

And I mean that in more ways than one

But, I’m not afraid

Our happy ending has long been delayed

And we’re well deserving

Not victim nor slave, I’m no longer serving

An unrealistic ideal of what could be

I’m over that


Like an ID card that’s no longer valid

We are no longer valid

Set to be invalid after a fixed period of time

The timing of the longevity of our relationship has been fixed

And we’re splitting nails, dragging it out to the last inch

One grain of sand away from having nothing left to pour

Our passion rich, but our actions poor

Yet we keep getting back up until we can’t anymore

Expired /ikˈspīr/


Derived from a latin word, meaning “breathe out”

Problem is I can’t get my relief out

Until we work out

Making an enemy out of relief….

It’s ironic

From us being expired, I’ve become inspired.

And that’s enough for me.

Thank you.

For making us expired.

Not a poem, just a rant

It feels like circulation was cut off from my heart

I have this tingling feeling like when your legs fall asleep

Wanting to cry but can’t at the same time

I sit here on the floor

Pacing to the living room and back

Trying to make a choice, analyzing each option like I’m taking a multiple-choice test

Each car that drives by makes my blood spike because it could be you

I freeze, with clothes in hand

Maybe there was a reason I never accepted your two drawers

I wish I could just disappear

Which I guess I will be doing in two weeks

I hope you’re happy.

I hope you’re happy.