Our lives are like this planet

Earth in the cat's eye

It’s so peculiar

How there are so many metaphors in and of our lives

We resemble the very planet that we live in


We constantly have our “world” turned

Upside down

Just as our actual planet rotates on its axis

The only difference is

It may not be every 24-hours

However, when we go through our “360”

It’s more rapidly

I guess nature intends for us to make up for lost time

Things come and go

Just as the sun and moon

Weaving its way in and out

Day in and out

A wise light in my life once told me,

“Change is necessary.

If you don’t initiate it for yourself then it’ll be forced upon you-

and it may not always be in the manner that you like,

so be constantly changing…”

It makes logical sense

I’m even inspired by it

Life has a way of making you grow

But my constant need for stability gets in the way

Like earth

Our bottom can becomes the means by which we get to the top

-If we go about it right-

And vice versa

Just like the ocean.

It’s amazing how

Nature is the law of gravity

But defies the laws of gravity at the same time

The water is weight

Yet evaporates

Our world turned upside down

The top a mirror of the bottom

Water above and below us

Constantly commuting back and forth

With an invisibility cloak

Evaporating and condensing.

Just like us,

When “heat” is applied

Causing pressure

We can expand and rise up.

To the occasion

If we have the right mindset.

When it gets hot

Water molecules expand and evaporate

It, too, rises under pressure

Nature is magic

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