Love cursed

voodoo doll: prisoner of love

Love cursed.

I’ve run this course

I know how it usually ends.

Is it bad that I shut down now

Just as a precaution?

Working more.

To trust mistrust

Disregard disgust

To see where we end up.

Love cursed.

My age is young, but my love is old

But right before you give is where success lives, I’m told.

My tummy turns, I’ve lost my appetite

My emotions keep me up at night.

I want to play pianic lamentations

Of my newfound revelation.

No relation


What oil is to water is what the heart is to the mind:


Ironically, time’s got the nerve to have me waiting.

I guessed it stopped amidst all this mayhem

I guess I call myself having faith, when I’m just being patient.

Love cursed.

End this now.

Usher in the moment, where I take my final bow

I will not allow

Things to head any more south

Run my emotions in the ground

You pick me up to lay me down.

In other words:

Once again

You’ve fucked me.

Never loved me

The only thing you’ve ever set your eyes on was me.

This love curse.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be

Love cursed.


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