This will not be the way we communicate -_-

This is so…yea.

In a similar manner, but not totally the same

I only remember bits and pieces

A blur

I probably have a problem

I’ve been trying to deal with it

I remember having fun, but not liking the things my BF said

But acting against what I was feeling

I remember you arguing with me at fiesta

I don’t know why

Not too sure what you said

I just remember walking down the street trying not to cry because I thought you broke up with me

Until you broke up with me

I remember saying things to Jae about you

Not too clear on the exact words

But remembering her saying it’ll be okay

And then I was in the car.

I remember somewhat being at gossip and you leaving

And Kay sitting in front of me

I remember hugging her

Not too sure if I’d kiss her, or why

And vice versa

And you coming out arguing with me yet again

Not sure about what

And then leaving


Your “friends” turning around and asking whats wrong


Getting in the car

I don’t remember walking to it though

You leaning in and saying what you said

And being confused for a couple of seconds

Trying to think back

Drawing my conclusions

You banging on my window with someone

And then being gone

And then Kay showing up

Driving off

And telling her what I though you accused me of

And her being pissed and making me pull over the car

So she can look for you and Tai


She was so upset that she had to hear that yet again

I remember marching down the street with her to Rich’s

Telling her you wouldn’t be there and to not bother

It’s too cold

Then going back in and sitting with her in the bathroom

Talking about how bad we wanted to succeed

Her baby and personal issues

And more

Coming out and sitting

And, LMAO, Tai coming up and trying to make conversation

Not caring just speaking

Then leaving

Looking for your house and ending up at SDSU

Racing back because It was past nine

Getting my stuff

Being mad at you for accusing me

For believing stupid people

Kay passing out

Taking her home

In and out of sleep on the way to work

That’s it

That’s all

For what may have been or may not have been done

I do apologize either way

Confusion has me altering my emotions

I’m not victimizing myself


Which is why I didn’t even bother if I knew you didn’t want to be bothered

But since you may

Here it is

I may have had my doubts about you

And your tricks may have been annoying

But you were good

You are

Not sure why I stopped by in your life

But it’s a bittersweet thing

Thank you

And for whatever you feel

I’ve done before

For being a clam

And more

I’m sorry.

(Me blocking you- is making it easier for you. It’s not for me. And WP doesn’t have a block)


One thought on “This will not be the way we communicate -_-

  1. k says:

    Can we talk?

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