Just a little writing to go with my morning cup…

Christmas lights

It’s a shame

I can’t tell if the flashing lights down the street

 Are coming from the Christmas trees or police

At this time of year

Something different happens to the people over here

They’re not consumed by Christmas cheer

I see older people peeking out the windows in fear

Holding close to them those who they hold dear

Can you tell me why we fight?

Why we shoot people dead at night

Why we still kill in daylight

And how the murderers manage stay out of everyone’s sight

What are we fighting for?

Why we wage wars with people next door

Over colors

Or is it something more

But what do we gain when the poor rob the poor?

Is it a call for attention?

A cry for help

For remission of our current position

If only you would listen

Beyond words and behind things

You’d find a deeper meaning than what you think is lingering

I remember being taught history at school

And not imagining ever being able to live a day in their lives

I wonder how the Aztecs sufficed

Couldn’t imagine how the poor sacrificed

And then I realized

In a similar way

That still goes on today

The very torture I couldn’t imagine

I see people weave in and out of every day

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