You can’t be crude when you saw it coming


For 23 years

You have been only a figure of my imagination

The right combination of assets

To spark a peak in my interest

So much that

When confronted I had no problem

Pouring your physical existence

Here in the flesh out to my ex

But here we are

The all too familiar trend

That usually comes in the end

Is laying on the doorstep of our beginning

If the mind contradicts the heart then it’s never really winning

And then I see your post

The perfect host

To the traumas of my past

I know all too well where this goes

Down the same drain as the last

And what will I do?

The same thing I’ve always done

I will hand you the ammunition

To the very gun that my hearts been running from

I will tell you to see her

To contact her

To meet her

Because who am I to stunt someone’s feelings

I’ve always been the type of person that

No matter how much it hurts me

If it’s something that makes you happy

Then don’t deny your yearning

That wouldn’t be fair to you or me

This was something I prepared myself to foresee

It’s the very reason I kept this wall up

The only thing I do for me

All is ask is that you don’t lead me off the edge of false beliefs

I’d rather walk on a crumbled foundation

Knowing that that’s what it is

That to blissfully fall into damnation

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