Things that Drake would say… (-_-)


Maybe I don’t write about you

Because I feel like

Nothing I say will be good enough

I’m tryna cut out anything that doesn’t seem like it’s good for us


Yea you got me there

You got me scared

Took me by surprise

I was unprepared

Facing all my fears

Cause I know you care

It’s why you’re still here


Taking a chance

Just warn me in advance

Before you break my heart


Hoping this is something that’ll work out

Despite our start


Just give me a little time love

You know I’m slow

It’s not anything a little light couldn’t help us grow

It’s not anywhere a little climb couldn’t help us go

Said I’d open up starting tonight just to let you know

Just let me know


You won’t leave me

As long as you don’t let go of my heart

Then no one else can keep me


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