Dinner, Greek mythology and things I’m not so sure of…


You cut me up into bits and pieces that you can swallow

Like your ceviche

I guess you love doing that to me too

But like your food

You could never diminish what you’re trying to delude

You could never shake the disgust

Because it’s all in your head

You’d rather kill us dead

Than to be worry free instead.


What are you afraid of?

Your mold of promiscuity has been cracked

And you’re not quite sure how to retain your form.


Let me stop talking

I don’t really know you enough

I haven’t fully figured you out yet

To call you out on your actions


You are Psyche’s benefaction

Cytherea released from Pandora’s box

All the best and worst things about love wrapped into one

An oxymoron

You react this way

How come?


What I do know is

You are unaccepting

Unaccepting because of the fear that I won’t do right by you


The same emotion that kills you is the emotion that drives you.


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