Separation: Day 1


The Pain of loneliness that’s what I feel

I’m like Alice in Wonderland finding myself in a place so unreal

When we give it the second chance our love gets torn apart

A restraining order I never even put in for from the start?

I guess this is what’s called modern day Romeo and Juliet

Can’t they see what separations done? How could they forget?

A relationship whose basis was built on regret

And to protect our love, we used…nothing but threats

Now all this has gotten us is one single thread

The thread that we both hang from

The only way we now connect

And if it were to break I admit I must confess

While I’ve already lost half my mind trying to stay with you, I may as well lose my rest

Because you were the only love I wanted to claim as mine

Even though every time I confined to someone were fine we were always in some bind

I wish sometimes we could just leave our past behind

But I guess something’s let go and some things stay and that’s why loves stays so blind

One month of isolation from one another and after that maybe even a year?!

And I can’t take it that much longer that’s why I cry my written tears

And for one year in these four walls I will adhere

In fear, that within that year someone might move closer here

Here where you ought to be, where you once sought to be, and now I have no clue

If red is the color of our hearts then why is the love it emits so blue?

And with this many obstacles, can love still be considered true?

Because it seems there’s someone else in between me, the hill, and you

But for now I don’t care, wan to have fun? I’ll still be there

Life isn’t fair but I’ll still play the tortoise while you play the hare


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