I refuse, but I still love you…

I want to get lost

In this blank empty space

Until I’m crowded with words

And blend in until no one knows me

She’s showed me something no one’s showed me

And now you’ve figured out

You don’t like the other side of being lonely

What are you doing?

You still think you can walk back in my life when you’re ready


AND COUNTLESS “let’s take it steady’s?!”

Your tears fall heavy

Heavy like how my heart felt after you cheated on me

All of the deceit

And after convincing me you’d rather be with her

You come running back to me?!

Girl please

I used to be blind but I see the pattern

And after all of that,

Buried deep inside

I still love you

I refuse to take 10 steps back to where you reside

But I still love you

She’s different

She will not be placed on the list of people

Who were amazing

But I ended it abruptly just to give chances to my hopes that you could treat me right

I refuse!

Yet I still love you

What am I going to do

Let it play out please

It’ll all work out; love is true

Your tears reflected in mine

I try so hard, too hard not to feel anything at all

And you walk in

The darkest storm on the sunniest of days

Lord, help me please

Cause I still. Love. Her.


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