Frustrations of inequality

You work hard, day in and day out, so that you can pay your bills
When asked for further compensation the organization you help says sit still
You do so for a while, but waiting has never been in your will
Debating, diminishing your smile it’s your time they kill
I’ve been there lovely, I can relate to how you feel
Your kindness is tipping at the edge and anger is waiting to spill
They can’t begin to comprehend the likes of your chocolate skin
They rename you with misperceptions and they try to box you in
But you have a force pushing out from within
You won’t sit for injustice, inequality or any of their friends
I feel your broken spirit; believe me I want to mend
I can talk to you all day long but your issues I cannot tend
This has turned out to be something that’s out of both of our hands
How can injustice stretch so long from a movement that began way back when?

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