Back To Square One

It’s been ages since I’ve written about someone new

And now the focal point of my topic just so happens to be you

The tall, dark and mysterious entity that you are

I never would’ve guessed you and I would get this far

But I guess steady progress just wasn’t enough

If you only knew that you were the first person after her that I didn’t use as a cover-up

You pressed too hard in hopes that we would stick

And like a sticker you press too much, we ended up the opposite

We just wouldn’t

If I wasn’t available when you wanted me, then you couldn’t

And maybe it was for the best

After all you do have the mentality of my ex

Maybe that’s why it was so easy for me to let her go when I moved to you

I told myself you were her reincarnation and this is a challenge I’d get through

Yet you were different in so many ways

Which is why as we grew into the days I grew out of the presumption that you were just another phase

Your wine, philosophy, and want for more

We clique one moment and the next you show me the door

You complicated fixture

Standing your ground

It’s a small city remember?

I’ll be seeing you around