Deliver Me



Let me go

I’m not strong enough to let go for myself

I’ve said it a million times before: you and I need help

Feelings deep within I sometimes wish I never felt

Thought projected onto paper, to you I’ll never tell

Let me go

Or treat me right

I feel there are two personalities inside of you that put up a fight

Is it why?

You find the need to leave on these random nights?

Leave me here with these thoughts

The past unfolding

The present a manifestation of the past

And a threshold for the future

I want so bad to trust you

But I know

You know you don’t want to lose her

Is it a good thing that you stay here?

Willing to try

Or is it bad because

You struggle so hard to treat me right?

So many times

I’ve fallen subject to your


Your dreams, my nightmares

Married to Freddy

Loving you is a game of truth or dare

The truth I don’t want to hear

The dare I hesitate to take

Promises you make to break

I love you so much, I’m scared it’ll turn to hate

One day for the hell that’s been raised

For now, I’m not fazed

You and I want me to stay

Stay, stay, and delay

The day that I finally

Go                                                                                                                                Away