The Leak




It feels like such a relief

Like the eye of the storm

I saw all of the warning signs

But I didn’t want to be warned

I wanted to see it with my own two eyes

The lies, tries, deception

You left me feeling like I was seeing things

Like I had no recollection


Of your bullshit- that’s what I’m gonna do

And sadly that means that I’ve got to reject you

Because that’s all you’re made of

Late nights- I stayed up

While she laid you down

And you had to the nerve to say I’m crazy

Not as crazy as I am now

I said before you had no morals

I just thought that would have changed

I just thought when I picked you up

Yall would be smart enough to change

Or at least put on some clothes

Running around talking about “Oh shit”

You covered up her faults

But I saw right through it

The Bullshit


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