Red stains of Wine

Thinking of you puts a weight in my stomach

Living in the moment- I thought nothing of it

How you told me not to drink or I’d suffer the repercussions

How the morning after we had deep discussions

It’s all I ever wanted, but at a distance

You told me not to go there- I can’t say you never mentioned

Retention to move to you because you’re so independent

I rest on your morals like you rest on the fact that I’m something different

Speaking past words fucking past feeling

I dove in eyes wide open but never knew the hand I was dealing

You remind me of deep red wine and the numbness existence it gives

I never thought that moving past this pain would come in this sort of gift

I hold back but I can feel my soul pulling- but I don’t think you can tell

I keep swimming further upstream so you I can end up in your well

I got sick- sick because I was going back you nursed me back to health

This is the story of a fairytale I know all to well


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