Rainy Days Require Contemplation

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I miss you

It’s just that simple

No other words are needed

How can a feeling so big be explained in words so little?

I never denied I fell for you in every way one can fall

And when we were down I never gave up instead I invested my all

And you returned

You returned like a puppy that wonders away but gets hungry and then remembers you- you’re always there

And even when I’m mad at you I can’t help but love having you in my hair

I can gaze into your eyes all day- they take me a world away

But yet I’m sitting here under you

You’ve got to go through so many lies in order to find the truth

-and that’s you-

Rainy days wash our past heartaches away

And the sun shines on the bond that we’ve grown

I’ve been searching my whole life for this.

A love that I finally now know is my own.


© 2012, AMBER MCKINNEY. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license,

(Which means you can share and repost this as long as you attribute it to muah! ;D)

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