Lost Ones

I knew what happened before I found out

I clung my little sister close as the shot rang out

I know it’s the holidays, but those weren’t Christmas lights

These were blue and red signifying a terrible end to the night

If I would have left two minutes earlier that could have been me

And the cops took my name down before I could even leave

This neighborhood is desolate- filled with empty souls

How many lives must you take to realize you’re no closer to reaching your goals?

The poor have so much to fight for – why are we fighting amongst ourselves

Instead we act as if we stand alone- as if there isn’t anyone else

Now I look at my streets differently, could it be him that shot the gun?

I guess this is something you have to get used to, growing up on the wrong side of the sun..

Image© 2012, AMBER MCKINNEY. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license,

(Which means you can share and repost this as long as you attribute it to me.)


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